About Swishboom

Our Founder

Kellee Mikuls is the Founder and CEO of Swishboom. She’s a mom of 3 girls, and she created Swishboom to make finding a safe, trustworthy babysitter easier. She knew there had to be a better way to find a sitter when her high school sitters were busy.

It became harder to check out Omaha’s restaurant scene with her husband, and just get a break when she needed one! The solution was Swishboom, and Swishboom’s Verified Network. The Verified Network is a pool of babysitters who have been personally called, social media checked, sex offender registry checked, and reference checked by 3 personal references.

On Swishboom there are families and sitters. Families can subscribe to the Swishboom Verified Network to get access to local verified sitters. Sitters can become verified and get connected and claim jobs from hundreds of local families.