How Swishboom Works

Swishboom uses the personal network of families and babysitters to get babysitting jobs claimed.

Using your personal network to book sitters is 100% free.  Just download the app and start adding your people.  

We also work to help those without a network, by providing access to our Swishboom Verified Network for just $7.99 per month. Here is how we verify those sitters with the Verified Sitter Network.  

**The Verified Sitter Network is launching in select cities in March 2022

Who uses Swishboom?

Swishboom is available to families and babysitters in the US and Canada via the App Store and GooglePlay.  

To babysit your personal network, you must be 16 years or older. This is the free app version.


To babysit on the Swishboom Verified Network, you must be 18 years or older.  You can apply here.

Our Swishboom Verification Process

When your personal network isn’t available, you can choose to have your job be seen by the Swishboom Verified Network.

The Swishboom Verified Network is a group of the best babysitters in your area. Prior to any babysitter joining, they go through our Verification Process

Is there a cost to use Swishboom?

Booking sitters using your personal network (i.e families you know and your sitters) is always free for both families and sitters.  

Babysitters never pay any fees to join Swishboom or when claiming a job. They get paid via Cash or Venmo at the completion of every job.  

If a family wants to either expand their job to our Swishboom Verified Sitter Network or don’t have sitters, they can opt into our subscription plan of $7.99 per month.

But I don't know any families or babysitters?

No network? No problem.  

We know many people don’t know sitters in their cities, so we have a solution for you.

Our Swishboom Verified Network allows families to get their jobs claimed by vetted sitters. It costs $7.99/month to get your jobs seen by our Verified Sitters.  

Our vetting process DOES NOT include a background check, but rather the following parent-created verification process:  

Email Verification

Phone Verification

Social Media Check

Call Three (3) References; requiring positive feedback  

Sex Offender Registry (State Specific)  

If all the above are satisfied, the sitter will be invited to join Swishboom Verified Sitter Network.