16 Babysitting Qualifications (Which Ones Do You Need?)

Written by
Kellee Mikuls
Published on
February 14, 2023

Babysitters love being with kids and the flexibility provided by being a babysitter. But in order to have a babysitter you can trust, the parent founder team at Swishboom put together their top 16 characteristics and qualifications of babysitters that they trust:

  1. Babysitters should adhere to your desired schedules. Babysitters should consistently arrive promptly and respect your families desired schedules or routines.
  2. Babysitters who are positive and don’t talk negatively about previous employers or other families
  3. Babysitters who are fun and play with your kids in age - appropriate play
  4. Babysitters who respect and align their discipline with your families’ desired methods
  5. Babysitters should have strong communication skills to be able to troubleshoot situations that arise between the kids and convey this to the parents
  6. Babysitters should use appropriate judgement. There will be situations where they are going to have to make decisions and you want your babysitter to make sound decisions
  7. Babysitters should use strong judgement on whom they allow to be around their families
  8. Babysitters should show respect to the family home
  9. Babysitters should use kind words and tone with children
  10. Babysitters should never resort to physical discipline with children and allows have conversations with parents on discipline measures
  11. Babysitters should maintain a safe and clean vehicle if having to transport children during the job
  12. Babysitter should have good judgement on what is age-appropriate conversations and topics with the children
  13. Babysitters who are present while watching your children and not spending more time on their phone
  14. Babysitters who come recommended from your friends and family or with high praises from references
  15. Babysitters who are able to be flexible with changes. Kids require adaptability and babysitters who can “roll with the punches” are able to navigate kids
  16. Babysitters who maintain good personal hygiene and maintain a clean personal image.

Parents have a good “gut check” if someone will be a good fit for their family and family values. Using that is the MOST IMPORTANT indicator for a successful babysitting and family partnership.