Games from Bluey you can play at home

Written by
Chelsea Driscoll
Published on
June 1, 2023

If you're looking for some fun games to play at home with your little ones, look no further than the beloved children's show Bluey. This Australian series has captured the hearts of kids and parents alike with its relatable stories and lovable characters. Here are a few games inspired by Bluey that are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Open a Zoo

One of Bluey's favorite games is "Open a Zoo," where the family sets up a zoo in their backyard using stuffed animals and other toys. This game is a great way to encourage imaginative play and creativity in kids. Set up different areas for different animals, such as a pond for the ducks and a jungle gym for the monkeys. You can even make signs labeling each animal exhibit. Let your child be the zookeeper and give them a notepad to jot down important information about each animal, such as their name and favorite food.

Robot Cleaning Game

In the episode "Daddy Robot," Bluey and her dad play a game where they pretend to be robots cleaning up the house. This game is not only fun but also teaches kids the importance of cleaning up after themselves. Set a timer for five minutes and challenge your child to pick up as many toys as they can before the timer goes off. Make it more exciting by giving each toy a point value and keeping score. For added fun, use a robotic voice to give cleaning instructions like "pick up all the red blocks" or "put all the stuffed animals in the toy chest."

Magic Xylophone

In the episode "Magic Xylophone," Bluey and her sister Bingo discover that playing the xylophone creates magical effects, such as making people dance or turning them into frogs. Create your own magic xylophone using a toy xylophone or even just a set of keys. Assign each key a different magical effect, such as making someone sing or making them do a silly dance. Take turns playing the keys and watch the magic unfold.

Born Yesterday

In the episode "Born Yesterday," Bluey’s dad Bandit pretends that he was literally born yesterday, forcing Bluey and Bingo to explain everything to him on his second day on the planet. They explain everything to him from what a name is to why you can’t steal other people’s food. To play this game, pretend that you were born yesterday and as you play around the house or yard, question everything and allow your kid to explain it to you. It’ll make for some hilarious explanations! 

Playing games inspired by Bluey is not only fun but also provides an opportunity for kids to learn and grow. Encourage imaginative play and creativity by setting up a pretend zoo or playing the magic xylophone. Teach responsibility and cleanliness with the robot cleaning game. And foster empathy and compassion for animals with the "Born Yesterday" game. These games are sure to become favorites in your household and provide lasting memories for you and your little ones.