Need to find a trusted babysitter fast? Try this app (Swishboom)

Written by
Kellee Mikuls
Published on
February 14, 2023

Swishboom Co-Founder Kellee Mikuls talks about her “lightbulb moment” when discussing why she created the babysitting app, Swishboom. It was a Monday. Kellee and husband had tickets to a Friday evening showing of Hamilton the musical.

It took her being on hold for 4 hours to get the coveted Hamilton tickets, so she started texting babysitters on Monday.

She started with her kids “favorite sitter” only to find she had homecoming.

She texted another to find that she had a conflict.

This went on five or six times.

Thursday came around and Kellee still had no babysitter. She was getting very nervous that she would have to give up her Hamilton tickets. Her friend was a friend at a local college and had a list of med students who were hoping to be pediatricians. Kellee mass texted 20 of them explaining their predicament.

Immediately one answered, “yes! I’m free.”

This was the moment that Kellee realized that by having a larger pool of sitters for a job to go out to is an easier way to book babysitters. Add the layer that the sitters in that “pool” are babysitters you and your friends trust.

This is how Swishboom was born.

Today, Swishboom is helping thousands of families booking babysitters in their local areas using exclusively their network.

What sets Swishboom apart from other babysitting apps?

Swishboom is the ONLY babysitting app that is completely FREE and powered by YOUR personal network. They don’t hire or vet babysitters. They take the sitters of you and your friends and get your babysitting jobs claimed. The bigger your network, the faster your jobs get claimed.

So whatever city you are in, Swishboom can work for you!