Winter is Coming...

Written by
Kellee Mikuls
Published on
February 13, 2023

Despite having a Game of Thrones spin off to enjoy Sunday nights, the idea that winter is coming can create a sense of dread for many parents. Daylight is hard to come by, noses seem to be red and dripping for months, and the cold weather keeps us indoors. Enter hygge. Hygge is the Nordic concept that loosely translates to a sense of coziness. And it helps to take a look at what our neighbors across the pond and in the North do in order to stay cozy year round. Whether you do this for yourself, or you invite your littles to participate, there are a few small steps to take this winter to create calm and peace within your home.

  1. Go outside. You thought it was cold?! There is an entire country sitting above us surviving and thriving and we can too. Make it a daily goal to bundle up and be outside for at least 20 intentional minutes a day. Go for a walk. Forage for pine cones in the park for that craft you pinned on pinterest months ago. Whatever it is, the adage “there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing” is helpful to remember. Wear layers and head outside!
  2. Enjoy comforting nourishment. Brew tea, gather as a family to bake cookies, try a new soup recipe. Taking pride in what you prepare can build anticipation and excitement over the daily task of dinner. The soup recipe here is even easy enough that you can involve your five year old to help rip up the kale.
  3. Create warmth in your environment. Whether you light a candle, diffuse a spiced oil scent, or turn on a flameless wick, create light in your home. The short winter days grow much brighter with a little glow in your home.
  4. Book a babysitter and take some time outside of your home. While lots of people hibernate in Omaha, there is always something exciting to check out. Look out for concerts, symphonies, and holiday markets to enjoy.

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