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Swishboom's Verification Process

(aka how we keep our network safe)

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Sex Offender Registry

The Swishboom Verified Network

Your kids are in good hands with our reliable sitters

Sitters who apply to join the Verified Network are called, reference checked, sex offender registry checked, and social media scoured for any negative feedback.

If there is ever a "red flag" we will make sure that they aren't invited to join this exclusive club!

How we vet Sitters

A background check doesn’t show the whole picture of a babysitter. It only reveals their past and can be selective in what they include on it, leaving out important information such as experience or capability to care for your child effectively.

We use our 5-step Verification Process to ensure our sitters are trustworthy and capable.

How we vet Families

Keeping your sitters safe is just as important to you as it is to us. That's why we ask each family that joins our Verified Network for Three (3) Sitter or Personal References before they can become a part of it!